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Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, The Monogram Gallery has had quite a journey getting here.  So, here's the story!

I started out my career with a passion for art, making things, recreation, and doing photography.

"Hmmm, so how do I do all that?"  Here is the time line:

  • I started my journey in education at The Ohio State University when teachers were in abundance and subsequently changed my career to Recreation, and taught Arts and Crafts in recreation centers.  

  • Upon a marriage retirement requiring a move to Cincinnati, I created and sold my art creations at different art shows. 

  • While doing that, I found an interest in Industrial Design and Photography at The University of Cincinnati.  While there, I had the wonderful opportunity to work as a co-op student, working in the field as a designer.  

  • And that brought me to DisyneyWorld designing signage for the Park in Florida, and to the Toy Industry (Kenner Toys).  I worked over a period of 1.5 years at Kenner and fell in love with the playful atmosphere and creativity that it entertained.  But one thing was missing......warm sunny weather. Soooooo

  • From there, I hopped in my car, drove down to Florida where I began teaching art and television production, then Media, and finally reading.  Being the creative spirit that I am, I had a need to infuse my creative bent to my teaching, which worked out well, because I came to find out that if students are excited about what they do, they become actively engaged.  That is a win win for everyone.

  • while still teaching, in 2006, I began a professional career in Photography in Palm Beach working with the best photographer, Lucien Capehart.  Sadly, my mentor and friend passed away.  I continue to exhibit my work and maintain clients in Palm Beach.

  • As it has happened, it looks like I have come full circle.  I accomplished all the things I wanted to do in life, and now, I really want to expand my creative force in a hands on way. So last year, 2014, I bought my first and then my second embroidery machine to venture into this field.

  • BUT, I have learned so much along the way via all my experiences and infuse that into all that I do. I learned the importance of good craftsmanship while making my product models while in design school.  I learned the importance of toy safety at Kenner Toys. And in teaching, I learned the importance of making something just a tad "different" to create that element of surprise and curiosity.

Following in the tradition of my photography, http://www.ccstudios.cc, I welcome you to view another "gallery" that I opened in November,  2014.  This gallery provides you a different kind of work of art infusing beauty with quality.  I work to display charming objects of good design and excellent craftsmanship.   

I am thrilled to offer you a view of my current endeavors with a promise of more to come....

Enjoy the gallery and come visit us often. The link is so simple to remember:  themonogram.gallery

My Kind Regards,

Cynthia Conley

email:  cynthia@ccstudios.cc

phone:  (561)729-7999