Personalized Children's Throw Blanket Fit for Even a Princess!

November, a Whisper Before the Holidays!

Throw Blanket Transforms Beautiful Child into a Princess!

Coupled with a personalized throw blanket and a gifted young girl's imagination, a princess was discovered by The Monogram Gallery! This summer, I travelled to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit some close friends I hadn't seen in a couple of years.  I brought with me some long overdue Christmas gifts for them.(Yes, I know it was July...let's just say it was "Christmas in July!")

I made each of the children, Aiden 2 years old, and Shea 5 years old faux fleece lined throws


I made their mom a monogrammed fringed throw.  I had other gifts as well,that I was certain would be more exciting for children, like bubbles, butterfly bubble blowers, and pajamas with the Frozen characters printed on them. But much to my surprise, the item that thrilled these little sweethearts the most was their personalized throw  blanket where I had embroidered each of their names.  On their mother's fringed throw, I had monogrammed her monogram.

Little Aidan, 2 years old, was so happy with his dark green throw that upon opening it, ran over to his mother and tugged, gleefully on her pant leg as he shrieked with joy over receiving a blanket.  I was so surprised and happy! His sister,Shea, an extremely bright and creative child, received a red throw blanket lined in faux white fleece. Being the clever girl that she is, she immediately flipped over the edge of the throw and made a queen's cape out of hers as she draped it over her shoulders and pranced about the room! Mom loved her blanket as well, and I was told the following morning that sleeping with the blankets was a MUST that night for everyone! 

It was the end of July when I went to visit my friends.  Shea, I am told, has slept with her blanket every day ever since then and Aidan is now joining in that tradition as well.

It was a great visit meeting a princess on my trip! 

Cynthia Conley
Cynthia Conley


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October 30, 2015

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